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From eric b <>
Subject Re: AOO for Debian
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 15:40:15 GMT
Hi Pedro,

Le 15 mars 12 à 15:56, Pedro Giffuni a écrit :

> On 03/15/12 02:58, eric b wrote:
>> ...
>>>     But actually, for this to work, the discussion should be  
>>> brought to the list, not  
>>>  Also we need someone understand  
>>> how to
>>> package .deb packages that follow the Debian policy in order to  
>>> package
>>> AOO by the Debian policy.
>> Long time ago, Rene Engelhard subscribed me to the list, and I  
>> know well what happens, since I receive everything (a lot of mails  
>> indeed .. ). Not sure I can post though, but read is ok for me.
>> And I'm aware of your requests ... and of Rene answers too :-/
> I read Rene's position and if it's really "technically impossible"  
> to have both LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice in Debian

There could be duplicated installed stuff, but since OOo4Kids  
installs fine on any Debian or derivative with LO, I bet this is  
possible :-)

> then I would think that proves, yet again, that FreeBSD is  
> technically superior to Debian. (not to talk about freedom just  
> yet ;) )

Ha ha   :-)

> BTW, I am pretty sure that we would like to have OOoLight and  
> OOoKids in FreeBSD and it shouldn't be difficult to use the current  
> AOO port as a template.

Not sure. I'll have to adapt a lot of things first.

> I am extremely busy at this time but it would surely be something  
> to consider.

There will be a lot of work before : our derivative products are  
based on OOo 3.2.1 source code, and I prefer use dmake instead of gnu  
make, who mainly added problems and solved nothing important (to my  
eyes, but I can be wrong).

So the patch will be big, but I already did it at the begining. What  
I could do is align OOo4kids with AOOo (this is two weeks of work at  
least) and provide patches for the missing makefiles and so on.

The localization will need some love too : in OOo4Kids, I modified  
the makefiles to use localized.sdf + localized-$application.sdf  
($application can contain OOo4kids or OOo or OOoLight) files, and I  
even added localized-OOo.sdf in case we backport a day the new  
strings we added in OOo4Kids.

e.g : localize-OOo.sdf        localize-OOo4Kids.sdf   localize- 
OOoLight.sdf   localize.sdf exist for all the supported locales.  
localize.sdf contains only old 3.2.1 stuff, less what has been  
modified. I got a process to build new .sdf from scratch. Not perfect  
(even hackish), but works very well at least for the 18 locales we  

Suggestion : as improvement, I'd suggest to use the same process for  
new strings, introducing  localize-New.sdf or something similar in  
AOOo. The idea is to separate the new strings from the other older  
one (introducing a safer build system), and to progressively  
integrate new stuff. e.g. once all strings are ok, and no regression  
is detected, then integrate the NEW into the old localize.sdf.  Other  
interest : the new strings integration process could be done  
asynchronously with the release, and decoupled for every locale. But  
that's just a suggestion ;-)

Back to FreeBSD : as answer, I know the build is currently possible  
on OpenBSD (not tested since a while). FYI, I even wrote a port file  
(untested, probably buggy), but so far, nobody reported anything on  
FreeBSD yet, but there is no reason it won't work.

To be continued  ;-)


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