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From Torokhov Sergey <>
Subject Re: Bug 119120 - Lack of some items of Print menu with applied langpack for AOO3.4
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2012 10:33:27 GMT
On Saturday 24 of March 2012 01:45:17 Torokhov Sergey wrote:
> Hi to all,
> I have encounted one problem with User Interface of testing AOO3.4 suite
> The problem is concerning Print menu for Russian lang pack (with English
> lang User Interface activated the problem does't take place)
> Maybe it can subject some other lagguage pack.
> For more detailes see
> with it's attachment.
> It seems like rather serious UI deffect.
> ---
> Regards

I rechecked for this problem for Windows multilanguage installation set
and resulta are:
(also see bugtracker)

Is Affected by bug:

1. Chinese (simplified)		yes (seems only Writer)
2. Chinese (traditional)	yes (seems only Writer)
3. Chech			no
4. Dutch (Netherland)		no
5. Finnish 			no (but it has too long dialog Print window)
6. French (France)		yes
7. German (Germany)		no
8. Hungarian			yes 
9. Italian (Italy)		yes (seems only Writer)
10. Japanese			yes
11. Portuguese (Brazil)		yes (also many menu items are not translated!) 
and it has strange Print - OpenOffice.prg Math tab-menu

12. Russian 			yes
13. Spanish (Spain)		yes

Also please check (as I don't know languages from the all list) the correspond 
tab-menu of Print dialog such as Writer, Calc, Math etc. (especialy Print - Math 
- for some lang. it look like "Page Layout" tab, e.g. for Portuguese (Brazil), 
Italian etc.), to correspondence of English menu,
I suggest and it seems there are errors represented of this dialogs. Or it 
seems that Math tab-menu is replaced for "Page Layout" for some 
And for English and Genram there are no any Page Layout at all for "Math" 
Print dialog


So most of language packs are suffer from this bug, it seems to be 
3.4_release_blocker as it corruptes UI Print Dialog and users can't to print 
certaint range of pages and some other tab-menus (such as Math) 
looks wrong with comparison of English langpack.

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