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From Torokhov Sergey <>
Subject Re: Implementation of genitive case of month names (posessive context)
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 18:59:20 GMT
It's pity but it seems there is will not be progress this problem :(
as there is no any activity and reply on appropriate bug page from developers 
is planning some changes or not.

Is there at least anybody of Russian localisation team ?
I'm not success to find fresh mail list - the one of the old openoffice oficial 
page looks strange and seems not active for a long time and onather as   link
from the page 

"The requested URL /l10n/servlets/ProjectMemberList was not found on this 

> Hi to all, 
> previously I try to write to about this but encouted
> some encoding problem of theme header, and I try again
> So, the promlem is that ...
> for a long time (about 6 years) there is a feature request conserns Date
> Format representation as current one doesn't corresponds to National
> Standarts. It is related to the abcence of possibility to use possessive
> genitive and partitive genitive case of moth's names that are accepted in
> many countries while choosing date format.
> Is there any opinion about this problem ? Thre is no progress of this
> request resolving for a long time on the bugtracker.
> I tried to implement it (refering of LibreOffice3.5.0 resolving - see
> attached files on bugtracker) but I'm not a programmer  and I encoutered
> the problem that there is no enough of "locale.dtd" and "ru_RU.xml" file
> (for example) - there is a parsing error of new "ru_RU.xml" took place.
> For more details see:
> Also please note that this feature was realized in the LibreOffice (3.5.0),
> see decription of resolving method:
> partitive-case-month-names.html


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