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From drew <>
Subject Re: to Apache OpenOffice mirror system migration
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2012 19:29:42 GMT
On Sat, 2012-03-24 at 12:38 +0200, Rimas Kudelis wrote:
> Hi Drew,

Hi Rimas,

Only way for me to help with answers is to forward this along, to
include with us,  all the folks on the AOO project, so adding the ml to

> I have a few questions/comments for you:
> 1) will the legacy files be distributed to Apache mirrors, or will you 
> only distribute new releases and other files through them? In 
> particular, I'm not just wondering about English releases, but also 
> about tested and untested localized OOo builds, ISO images 
> (.../extended/iso/), dictionaries (.../contrib/dictionaries/) etc (in 
> fact, I'm mostly interested about what I listed here, since these are 
> the files I've had on my mirror). If most of these files will not end up 
> in the new mirror system, I guess it makes sense to keep our mirrors 
> around for another year or so.

Right - so I'm looking over the files you've got at
for instance.

I do not know of any answer, beyond the generic - well first someone
needs to build, or at least offer to build, these things before really
worrying about the distribution. I suppose a growing list of
dictionaries can be assumed, but if I look at the Apache OpenOffice web
pages (as opposed to the old OO.o) it seems one would say to you... Hey
good news, you can save space cause there is only 13 languages now
I say that can only go up.

iso images - I don't think there has been any real discussion yet, in
any serious way.

> 2) What will happen once Apache makes its first AOO release? Will the 
> links to non-apache releases (at 
> be kept or removed? Also, 
> just out of curiosity, what platforms and languages will AOO provide 
> official binaries for?

Maintaining a list of Links to external sites is a big jump down in
scale, as far as actual work needed IMO, and I start with the assumption
that someone (of course someone has to show up, always) will put effort
into keeping them up to date. As far as contacting every site listed,
chatting with them about Aoo name change (looking just now OO.o is gone
from a few already..some of the linked sites are also gone :-.) any way
by know you have realized that again only honest answer I could give for
now is..don't know for sure, hope they will be maintained.

> 3) it seems that the university where our mirror is located already has 
> an Apache mirror ( I guess it 
> doesn't make much sense for me to create another one. On the other hand, 
> does Apache support partial mirrors? If so, I would probably choose to 
> keep mirroring Apache OpenOffice. However, your "How to become a mirror" 
> page says you require the mirror to use Apache HTTPD. Our mirror uses 
> Cherokee (because its directory listing is prettier and I think because 
> it's also less RAM-hungry), would that be a problem?
> 4) If I click on "More News..." link on 
> home page, it takes me to It looks 
> like is the default vhost name of the website. Not 
> sure that's intended, cause it would at least look much better if it 
> were the other way.

Including the infra ml in CC for the last couple :)

@Ramis, thanks for getting in touch so quickly,


> Regards,
> Rimas Kudelis
> 2012.03.24 07:13, drew jensen rašė:
> > Dear Mirror Operator,
> >
> > On behalf of all the members of the community I would
> > like to extend a warm thank you for the services rendered to the project
> > while participating in the download mirror system.
> >
> > As you likely are aware, the project has during the last
> > year migrated to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and taken the new
> > name of Apache OpenOffice.
> >
> > Thanks to the efforts of numerous individuals contributing to the
> > project I am pleased to say that the first full release of the Apache
> > OpenOffice free open source (FOSS) office suite is nearing completion.
> >
> > The project is now looking for organizations that will again work with
> > us to deliver this important linchpin of the FOSS ecosystem to literally
> > millions of users worldwide.
> >
> > Specifically the project is looking for mirror operators to work within,
> > and augment, the existing ASF server mirror system. Details regarding
> > the ASF mirror system are available here:
> >
> >
> > Please contact our project with any questions you may have via our
> > public mailing list at
> >
> > In closing, please accept my thanks in advance for your time and
> > consideration in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you and
> > hope that our projects can once again work together to advance the cause
> > of Free Open Source Software around the globe.
> >
> >
> > Sincerely,
> >
> > Drew Jensen
> > Apache OpenOffice (incubating)
> > Poddling Project Management Committee
> >

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