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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Competition (was: Clarifying facts)
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 01:05:56 GMT
> From: Pedro Giffuni <>
>Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2012 8:56 PM
>Subject: Re: Competition (was: Clarifying facts)
>On 03/13/12 19:30, Joe Schaefer wrote:
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> Still arguing from the what's best for the developers instead of what's
>> best for the general public at this particular point in time.  No I'm
>> not saying that LO advocacy is essential in the interim, but denying
>> their existence doesn't do this project credit either.
>I am not denying their existance. I have said in the past that if
>someone get to write it we can have a webpage for derived
>In the proposed FAQ "Where can I download an update for
>OpenOffice" it is simply out of place.
>> Lemme set the record straight about what I've seen subversion do:
>> last year they mentored a GSoC student who wanted to develop a better
>> subversion ->  git migration tool than what git-svn does natively.
>> Instead of laughing at the student, they worked with him on the proposal
>> and Google accepted it.  At that point they made him a "partial committer"
>> and oversaw his work in their subversion repo.  They brought him along
>> to the point where the code was good enough to go into a release, and
>> if you look for svnrdump you will see it's already in the 1.7 line.
>Non-profit doesn't necessarily mean altruistic. We all do things
>that we are not paid to do (at least I do) and things that don't
>directly benefit us (again my case here), but that doesn't mean
>we are easily convinced to do things we don't like are we don't
>care about for the greater good of humanity.

The principle motivator we usually talk about at apache is "enlightened
self-interest".   The way the subversion developers applied that to
the aforementioned GSoC project was to ensure the resulting codebase
was useful in situations beyond the student's own itch.  That's what
good projects do, focus on good outcomes for all participants.

>This lies more in the field of religion but is usually classified as
>the difference between divine love and human love.
>> Contrast that with the attitude the AOO developer team would show to
>> a person wanting to contribute an AOO ->  LO migration tool to the ASF.
>> Like night and day.
>If you are volunteering to mentor such a project just go ahead.

Outside the scope of my interest level, but if you think the subversion
devs "punted" on svnrdump you really haven't understood their mindset
nor the scope of the actual tool that was developed.

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