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From Greg Roberts <>
Subject Test Results: AOO 3.4 on XP Pro SP3
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 08:07:26 GMT
Hi All,
I have just installed the Aoo3.4 from file: and
have the following observations and issues.
NIS 2012 got a WS.Reputation.1 removed and quarentined file. Need to add trust to all Virus

Install does a wierd rollover to the Install prep page after install, I think most users expect
a install to indicate it has finished and is complete. I know this is a common behavior for
the older Orale install packages. They might still do this but I think the verbage on the
page changes and I think indicates that the product completed the install process. 
open with Win 97-2003 Doc file OK
modify and save Win 97-2003 Doc file OK
modify and spell check save Win 97-2003 Doc file All words are failing in the spell checker.
standard.dic does not exist
open ODT file OK
modify and save ODT file OK
open DOC file OK
modify and save Win 97-2003 Doc OK

Open new file and save OK
was able to do a sum on the number columns and also did a subtotal OK
then did a ctrl-z to undo the subtotal OK
was looking at an perceived error with a validation of a number column that had ,,,,U on the
end of a number and noticed the below
tried to do some modification to the cell that had the ,,,,U in it and the ctrl-z undo function
did not work.
working on a ctrl-z observations and got a Aoo3.4 unexpected error
I have attached the ods file that I was working with for everyones review. Please let me know
if you all want me to create Bugzilla reports of all the things I have observed.
Greg Roberts
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