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From eric b <>
Subject Re: AOO for Debian
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 07:58:31 GMT
Hello imacat,

Disclaimer : apologies if I do not answer regularly, but I don't have  
much of free time at the moment (my day job ...)

Le 15 mars 12 à 00:32, imacat a écrit :

>     I was thinking about this, too.

Great :-)

FYI, OOo4Kids and OOoLight are available under the .deb form, on our  
own unofficial repository (http on EducOOo serverp). We did that,  
because Debian people refused to add OOo4Kids in the Debian build  
farm, because I (me) refused to use LibreOffice sources.  Nothing  
else, and this is the same problem for Apache OpenOffice.

FYI, Ubuntu Mageia, Mandriva blocked us too : while issues asking for  
integration exist, nobody will never do anything serious, and every  
time we'll fit a condition, another will be invented to block again ...

The only nice distribution who accepted us, is ArchLinux, and you can  
install OOo4Kids on it, like you can still install on  
ArchLinux if you want.

Back to the .deb, the one I build installs perfectly (incuing using  
apt-get, synaptic and so on) in parallel with everything, and caused  
no trouble until now. Both are created the deb way (using dh_make),  
and I'll explain you how.

The initial work has been done by a student from Epitech Paris,  
Mathias Brunet (alia Kaze, you probably meet on IRC some time ago).  
Mathias created the initial script (was his contribution to EducOOo  
for his project), and since, I maintain it.

The current process is manual, but all this work can certainly be  
automatized and ported to Apache OpenOffice. Nevertheless, we'll need  
to make it more profesional before.

First, the desktop part ( in sysui ) is built the same way during the  
dmake process, excepted that we replace /opt with /usr in the install  
path, and add our own stuff.

Second, using installed package format + a new one I named "debian",  
I build final .deb using a shell script. During the process, we  
modify everything to respect the FHS way.

The final archive contains everything, including menu entries.

My day job is killing me at the moment, but in two weeks, I'll have  
more free time. Waiting, if you want to work on that, I can forward  
you everything and help you from time to time on IRC.

>     But actually, for this to work, the discussion should be  
> brought to the list, not debian- 
>  Also we need someone understand how to
> package .deb packages that follow the Debian policy in order to  
> package
> AOO by the Debian policy.

Long time ago, Rene Engelhard subscribed me to the list, and I know  
well what happens, since I receive everything (a lot of mails  
indeed .. ). Not sure I can post though, but read is ok for me.

And I'm aware of your requests ... and of Rene answers too :-/

>     For the long term, we should update our build system so it follows
> the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS) and meets the requirements of
> the distributions.

IMHO, porting to Debian is not the problem, I got scripts doing this  
already, who could be adapted to Apache OOo (one or two days of work  
max to create an .deb of Apache OO ).

The problem is that there is a lobby blocking the process, and  
avoiding Apache OpenOffice being existing in Debian, even on other  
distributions. The only fair distribution who accepted to keep things  
working (you can stilll build yourself if you want) is  
ArchLinux, as I wrote above.

One more time back to ex-Community Members blocking everything coming  
from apache OpenOffice.


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