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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: ImSoftwareSystems QA team
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2012 16:13:32 GMT
Hi All,

On 2012-03-26, at 10:48 , <> wrote:

> Hi Louis Suárez-Potts ,
> We are located @ Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh, India.It is part of South India
> .We speak "Telugu". A big percentage of the indian software programmers in
> USA are from this region.

Nice to know where you are. Last time I was in Hyderabad--several years ago, I believe, much
to my regret, for I liked it a lot and its since changed enormously, I've read--I met with
the then minister of education and also with the relevant ICT ministers and their aides, and
also gave a recorded lecture on contributing to and taught a class on open
source and OOo contributions. Telugu of course has long been supported by (for
about 8 years, at least), not least because of its importance in Southern India. I'm sorry
that the contributions by the Telugu team seems to have dissipated. I can put you in touch,
probably, with former members of it, though the passage of time has likely also meant the
passage of people.

> Thanks & Regards,
> Ram,
> Im Software Systems.
> On Mon, 26 Mar 2012 10:10:18 -0400, Louis Suárez-Potts <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Ram, et al.
>> I second Don's welcome, and would also like to ask about the place of
>> ImSoftwareSystems. I mean that both literally--where are you located?--as
>> well as more figuratively: Where do you see growth for AOO?
>> India, and more generally, the region, used to be very active in
>>, but in the last few years that activity has seemingly (if
>> not actually) diminished. Perhaps you can shed light on what is going on?
>> BTW, OOo used to have numerous Indic language projects. I'd be very
>> interested in re-igniting these.
>> Cheers,
>> Louis
>> On 2012-03-26, at 06:17 , <>
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hi All, 
>>> From ImSoftwareSystems there are 4 people participating in the
>>> qa of AOO. Let me introduce myself. I am Ram babu Veeranki, I did my
>>> Master
>>> of Technology in Industrial Engineering. I have around 13 years of
>>> Software
>>> Development experience. I have worked for IBM for long time and resigned
>>> around 1 year back and started this company recently. 1.Kishore Vaka has
>>> around 7 years of QA experience.He worked for companies like Nokia,IBM.
>>> He
>>> did his Masters in computer applications. He leads the QA team.
> 2.Neelima
>>> T
>>> - She has Masters in Computer applications.She is a member of the QA
>>> team.
>>> 3.Swamy - He has bachelors degree in Engineering with specialisation
>>> in Electronics. He is a member of the QA team.
>>> 4.Kavita - She holds
>>> Bachelor's degree in Commerce. She involves in QA occasionally.
>>> 5.Janaki
>>> Devi - She holds Bachelor of Engineering in Computer science.She is a
>>> member if the QA team. Thanks & Regards, Im Software Systems

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