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From eric b <>
Subject Re: Files replaced by hashes, let's face it
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 04:38:51 GMT

Le 12 mars 12 à 22:47, Hagar Delest a écrit :

> Hi All,


> We have had a recent discussion in the forum (after another case)  
> about the problem where files are replaced with only hashes,  
> leading to serious data loss.
> Is there any plan to handle it or at least to double check the save  
> process?

Currently, not that I know.

> For the record: usually after a power loss, the opened file is  
> wrecked and no data is recoverable. In very rare cases (I've seen  
> it twice IIRC), user is able to recover the last version from the  
> temporary files.
> The discussion: 
> viewtopic.php?f=6&t=17677
> The post where I've listed more than 90 similar reports in forums:  
> f=6&t=17677#p81363
> The issue I'd filed: 
> id=107847

To be honest, I had a lot of similar issues with (old versions of)  
Windows + MS Office, exactly the same way, long time ago. I even  
remeber I lost a lof of work myself and I never complained to  
Microsoft, who does not care (imho).

This isssue looks like a true issue, but a one extremely difficult to  
reproduce. There are really a lot of possible reasons to turn  
something readable into ####, like a simple 1 bit offset somewhere in  
the datas, or some unneeded address incrementation in some loop,  
including bad things with the file system (somewhere in sal or more  
complicated). I think you understand things are awfully complicated  
to track.

Until we find a track, the most important is to collect as much of  
datas as possible. There is certainly one common denominator for a  
big part of those issues imho, but the area of investigations is  

Of course, I don't have a solution, and only common work could help.  
To make progress, we could define a strategy when one new issue is  
detected, e.g. :

- create a meta-issue (I'll let other people propose a name)
- propose a process to collect datas, and what do if ever such issue  
occurs (like not power off the computer, or provide us a previous  
version of the damaged document if possible .. and so on)
- explain the users the difficulty to reproduce, and the analyze  
needs more information than other issues, so we need to collect a lot  
before to imagine a root and solve it
- cross the issues with other derivatives could help :  
I'll ask on our lists, to know whether the problem occured with  
OOo4Kids too.

- (please propose other ideas)

> NB: not sure if LibO has inherited this problem too but I guess so  
> according to a quick Google search: 

I think you should keep an eye on this side, but I bet this is the  
case too.

> Of course the bug is not reproducible, it happens on several OS,  
> with different versions but has appeared clearly end of 2008.

More the date is precise, more it will help : there is probably some  
history somewhere, and a list of cws introduced in meantime could  
help to isolate a good candidate for the (possible) bug or regression.

> Please remember that this bug is very detrimental to the product  
> reputation, leading to a loss of confidence in the code.

Yes, but we should not exagerate either. Know data loss is possible,  
is true. This is a serious, but very seldom issue : we can create,  
use files without lose something most of the time. I'd even bet  
people lose more often their datas on windows because of viruses,  
trojan, whatever than with OOo.

Last but not least the code is open, what is something really good in  
this case.

> Especially for a very basic feature. Facing say a power loss is not  
> usual but the original file should not be processed until the new  
> file is correctly written (or its temporary version should at least  
> be available for recovery).

My 2 cts


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