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From "Yuri Dario" <>
Subject gbuild removes z library in os2 port
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 18:43:20 GMT

I have a strange problem with gbuild. When code needs to link with 
z.dll, makefiles has something like

$(eval $(call gb_Library_add_linked_libs,tl,\
	z \

when I dump macros in make, I get

LINKED_LIBS basegfx comphelper i18nisolang1 stl cppu sal vos3 z stdc++

which is ok. But then the code used to rename libraries

$(foreach lib,$(LINKED_LIBS),$(call gb_Library_get_filename,$(lib)))


LINKED_LIBS ibasegfx.lib icomphelp.lib ii18nisolang.lib stdc++.lib 
icppu.lib isal.lib ivos.lib 

and z has been removed.

I don't undestand how to put it back...

could you help?



	Yuri Dario

 * OS/2 open source software

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