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From "Yuri Dario" <>
Subject Re: OS/2 black background for VCL windows
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 09:14:57 GMT
Hi Herbert,

> Not that I know of any specific change, but
> OutputDevice::GetSettings().GetStyleSettings().GetWindowColor()
> should tell you what the default window color is supposed to be, and 
> breaking in the corresponding SetColor() method could help you too.
> Another thing to be aware of is that COL_WHITE being 0x00FFFFFF and 
> COL_TRANSPARENT being 0xFFFFFFFF are somewhat similar in that their RGB 
> components are somewhat identical on the first look. The semantics of 
> these two items differs a lot of course.

thanks, I'll look at them first!


	Yuri Dario

 * OS/2 open source software

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