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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Can we move forward with shutting down the email forwarder?
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2012 01:28:22 GMT
Back in December, I was helping put together a plan for shutting down
the legacy email forwarder.  That work was on the wiki and the mailing
list.  It was put on hold due to concerns that the forwarding service
might have a complex relationship with one or more other subsystems,
such as Bugzilla and the Extension/Template repository.

Was this ever resolved?  Are we aware of any actual technical issue
that would prevent us from going forward with a plan to notify the
broader community about the shutdown, working with infra on a bounce
notification to implement, and then after a fair warning period,
actually shutting down the forwarder?

Note: obviously there are people who have accounts in Bugzilla or the
Extensions repository that use email addresses.  Ditto
for legacy mailing lists and even AOO mailing lists.  This is
something that we would address through the outreach and communication
of the shutdown plan.  These are communications issues, not technical
ones.  So long as a user has the ability to login, and change their
email address, then we're OK.  What I am asking is whether there are
any technical dependencies that go beyond that?


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