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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Google Webmaster Central
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 23:24:39 GMT
I've enabled the Google Webmaster Central account for the website.  This essentially gives us access to the
information Google collects during its regular scanning of the web, as
well as information they gather when users search Google.   This
includes things like reports on what searches lead most to which of
our pages, which external links are broken and which pages have
malware on them (it actually reports two pages).  It also gives hints
on optimizing how the site works with their search engine.

Please note that this is not Google Analytics.  It does not involve
any tracking code added to our pages.  We're not collecting any new
information about our users.  We're just accessing aggregate
information that Google already collects.

We can enable multiple users for the Google Webmaster account.   If
you are an AOO committer and knowledgeable about these things (for
example, do you know about sitemaps, robots.txt and know more HTTP
error codes beyond "401") then please send me (off-list if you prefer)
your Google Accounts email address (address used to log into Google
websites) and I'll add you to the account.

Based on my brief scan of the info available, there is actionable info
here, nothing earth shattering, but some things that we should
address.   In particular, we should figure out if the 97,090 missing
pages are cause for concern.



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