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From Rob Weir <>
Subject email forwarder shutdown: That time is now
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 19:29:57 GMT
In case you missed it on the other thread, we heard from Andrew that
the remaining Oracle servers that supported the legacy OOo project
will be shut down starting on March 15th. This includes the mailing
list and the mail forwarder.

We dealt with the mailing lists before, sending notes to the active
ones that the project had moved over to Apache and gave them the new
addresses.  I subscribe to many of these lists and they have been
silent for months.  I moderate one and it is all spam, and has been
for months.  If you are seeing any list that still has
real traffic on it, then please speak up.  We need to identify any
active remaining lists and send them the information here:

At the same time we need to notify users that the email
forwarding service is being retired as of March 15th.  I had already
drafted a note for this, and it was previously reviewed.  I've just
updated it to put in the actual shutdown date:

If there are no objections, my plan is to:

1) Move that wiki page into a blog post, clean up for formatting and publish it

2) On Monday morning send a note out to ooo-announce, referring to
that blog post for details.

3) Open a JIRA issue with Infra on a custom bounce notification

I could use help with:

1) Reaching out to NL groups that might not read or understand the
above announcement

2) Updating our migration status wiki page
 This is referred to in the post as giving "current" information, but
it is no longer current.

3) Responding to questions that this note may receive on the ooo-users list.



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