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From Jacob Moorman <>
Subject SourceForge migration plan for OpenOffice Extensions
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2012 13:55:05 GMT

As you all know the site for Apache OpenOffice Extensions has
experienced some downtime and performance issues and the PMCC and ASF
Board decided to accept an offer from to help restore
service. I'm writing you because it's my job to make sure we are doing
everything we can to get this service back up and running as quickly
as possible for the sake of your site users.

Since the PMCC communicated acceptance on the 25th, SourceForge has
been coordinating with the Infrastructure team and have received help
from Gavin McDonald specifically. We've now received code and database
for the Extensions site and given the need to get service back online
right away are advancing immediately on the migration.

There was a question about the Templates site, and since that is now
resolved we are working with Gavin to get that code so we can advance
on restoring that service as well.

We're doing what's necessary to complete the migration within two
weeks.  Should we hit blocks we will communicate to the group to help
expedite resolution.

As I understand it, this is dependent on:
 1. Source code and database for the Templates site.
 2. A copy of the downloadable files for these sites.
 3. A contact to handle the DNS cutover at time of migration.
 4. A list of email addresses for individuals who will have an
administration role for the sites post-migration.

Our migration prep will include the following actions:
 a. Setup of projects on which will house the source
code repository for these sites.
 b. Coordination with administrative users to grant administrative
access to these projects via SourceForge user accounts.
 c. Documenting an escalation path for administrative users to use
should they encounter issues post-migration.
 d. Setup of backups of the code and database dumps for the sites.
 e. Monitoring of the sites for availability and performance.
 f. Placement of downloadable file data within SourceForge's download
mirror network.
 g. Setup of the existing Drupal code base in SourceForge's project
web environment to confirm basic function and prepare for prototyping.
 h. Deployment of common engineering practices to be used by
SourceForge resources when working on these sites, to ensure quality
control and placement of all materials in SCM.
 i. Prep of DNS change with the Infrastructure team such that traffic
to the site will be sent to SourceForge servers.
 j. Review of Drupal code base vs. current Drupal releases to identify
security fixes that should be deployed during migration.
 k. Code changes to Drupal instance and production environment (e.g.
packages) changes to support the deployment in SourceForge project
 l. Prep of baseline instructions to administrators for use in
managing code in SourceForge project web post-migration.
 m. Define and execute functional and performance test standards.
 n. Deployment of code changes and facilities to support the
deployment of future file uploads to SourceForge's download mirror
 o. Deployment of code changes and facilities to support Drupal accounts.
 p. Coordination of mailing to existing account holders for cutover to
Drupal accounts.
 q. Communication of final migration schedule, migration event, and
post-migration follow-up.
 r. Final prep of production environment for migration and
coordination of DNS cutover with the Infrastructure team.
 s. Post-migration validation.

Preparatory work has commenced as detailed above. We are sending this
plan to our implementation partners, our team, and to all of you on
the ooo-dev mailing list for review.

Please let me know if there is anything else we need to do to help
make this process as smooth as possible.

Thank you,

Jacob Moorman
Sr. Director of Site Operations, Geeknet

CC: Mark Ramm, Director of Engineering, SourceForge Development Experience
CC: Roberto Galoppini, Sr. Director of Business Development, SourceForge
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