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From Roberto Galoppini <>
Subject Re: Apache OpenOffice Extensions Website restored at SourceForge
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2012 21:52:59 GMT
Hi Ross and all,

On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 11:40 AM, Ross Gardler
<> wrote:
> I totally agree that this is "(3) This is /super/ good news" however,
> i request that a little time is taken to properly review the site and
> have the DNS updated appropriately before "and should go out on
> ooo-announce, blogs, et al. I will forward to ooo-users."
> I'm not likely to be able to review myself for at least a week. There
> is no need to wait for me to do so, the PPMC is perfectly capable of
> this. However, remember that the approval from the board was
> conditional on there being no advertising on any ASF owned domain
> name. We need to verify that this is the case. I did remind Roberto of
> this condition during development so I have no reason to suspect that
> this is not the case already.

We took care of that, even with the actual implementation you might
notice that downloads take place at a 'different' location:

> I'm just requesting a full review from
> the PPMC before we make public statements.
> Of course, if the domain is going to be the official
> domain then this requirement is irrelevant.

Community feedback probably matter whatever is the final domain name,
maybe it could be also a good chance to make minor changes relaed to
names, marks, and messages, though.

> In addition, I'd like to ask the community here to consider how best
> to engage the TDF in the future of this service. I doubt they will be
> comfortable with this service being a main repository for Libre Office
> and I guess that, over time, there will be some extensions that will
> not work in both applications. However I wonder if there is an
> opportunity here to invite the TDF to work with us as we move forwards
> on the extensions service?

It seems like if both AOO and LO don't allow the user to choose the
Extensions repository. By the way we're checking how the old versions
of OOo were managing extensions, so that we can eventually preserve
the updates functionality.

> Finally, and most importantly, a big "thank you" to Roberto and the
> team at SF or making this work out for the AOO project.

It's rewarding for our team to see you all liked that.

> Ross
> On 25 February 2012 08:32, TJ Frazier <> wrote:
>> On 2/24/2012 21:47, imacat wrote:
>>> On 2012/02/25 08:34, Roberto Galoppini said:
>>>> As of today, the Extensions website is available at this address
>>>> located on our domain, at the following address:
>>>     This is great!
>>>     But I see it is still " repository for Extensions" and
>>> "Get". Shouldn't they be "Apache OpenOffice repository
>>> for Extensions" and "Get Apache OpenOffice"?
>>>     Also, do we have a new logo now?
>> (1) Yes, the re-branding will be needed, but that matter is not urgent.
>> (2) Preserving user logins /is/ urgent, with Kenai-related shutdown possibly
>> as early as March 15.

We are going to craft a proposal to manage that very soon.


>> (3) This is /super/ good news, and should go out on ooo-announce, blogs, et
>> al. I will forward to ooo-users.
>> --
>> /tj/
> --
> Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
> Programme Leader (Open Development)
> OpenDirective
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