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From John McClelland <>
Subject suggestion for OpenOffice
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 20:26:51 GMT
I've been using OpenOffice for about 30 months now. Love it, not just because of saving Micro$haft

The MS Word feature I miss most in OpenOffice Writer (for Mac) is something to show what page
I am on (and how many pages are in the document).

Also, I have noticed a tendency for the cursor's action to occur one place to the left of
where its screen position leads me to expect. Most pronounced with small type of any font
except Courier and where words and punctuation meet. I do most of my editing in Times 12 with
returns and spaces visible. The problem seems unique to OpenOffice.

MacBook Pro 13 inch (2010) running OS 10.6.8.

I cannot remember if I am in your "community" or have automatic reporting of bugs/crashes
"on" with this Mac. There's already waaaaaaay to much technological trivia in my life.

John McClelland
associate professor emeritus

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