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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject [CODE]: changed about box
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 14:32:30 GMT

i have changed the about dialog box a little bit and would like to get 
your feedback.

I added a new key in the version.ini/versionrc


But after some experimenting I don't use this key right now but left it 
in the version file for further references to the underlying revision.

I changed the value of buildid in the version file to

e.g. versionrc
buildid=340dev1 (Revision:1294675)
# instead of

The includes

I haven't yet understand completely where the values are used and 
decided to adapt the replacement in for now.

Ariel mentioned already some problems on windows if we simply change the 
4 digit buildid to the svn revision.

In the end I modified my --with-build-version switch and drop the 
revision from here. I like the date and time in the about box. As we 
have seen earlier today with the windows dev snapshot it can be very 
useful to check easy and fast if the correct build were used.

Ok I also changed the background color of this text field because it 
looked strange before (at least on MacOS).

The result on MacOS can you review here

More rework on the about box will be done for future versions. But for a 
3.4 I think it should be ok now.

Any opinions?


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