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From Reizinger Zoltán <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE]: release platforms, products and languages
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 17:17:08 GMT
2012.02.28. 11:13 keltezéssel, Jürgen Schmidt írta:
> Hi all,
> I just wanted to clarify what we want or plan to release.
> Platforms
> =========
> I plan to release Windows, Linux, MacOS
> FreeBSD is handled separately directly form the BSD guys
> Solaris, I am unclear about the current status. I saw the developer 
> snapshots but haven't test it on my own because I have no Solaris 
> machine nor a VM right now. but I noticed that the build are prepared 
> with "--disable-mozilla" which will disable some important features. 
> If we want release it we should build with the pre-built mozilla libs 
> and should test it.
> Products
> ========
> For the developer snapshots we built an English and a multilingual 
> version + various language packs.
> For our first final release I would like to provide at least full 
> install set for the languages that we have already supported for the 
> dev snapshots and potentially more language packs for other languages 
> on demand and we have check the translations
> Languages
> =========
> en-US de fr es it ja zh-CN pt-BR nl
> More languages packs when we have verified the translations and when 
> we have volunteers who are interested to test these languages. Means 
> we need volunteers from the local communities who are able to test 
> these languages. When we see enough support we can also provide full 
> install sets. We have to figure that out over time. I am not sure 
> right now.
If I know correctly the OOo 3.4Beta all UI strings was translated in 
Hungarian version, when I tested it not found any problems.
Needs to be checked in HU version of AOO 3.4 or in langpack, that the 
changes not caused any UI problems.
I try to organise the HU langpack testing, but most HU OOo project went 
to the LibO.
I can test on win and linux platform.
Please build HU langpack, too.

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