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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject [RELEASE]: release platforms, products and languages
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 10:13:41 GMT
Hi all,

I just wanted to clarify what we want or plan to release.

I plan to release Windows, Linux, MacOS

FreeBSD is handled separately directly form the BSD guys

Solaris, I am unclear about the current status. I saw the developer 
snapshots but haven't test it on my own because I have no Solaris 
machine nor a VM right now. but I noticed that the build are prepared 
with "--disable-mozilla" which will disable some important features. If 
we want release it we should build with the pre-built mozilla libs and 
should test it.

For the developer snapshots we built an English and a multilingual 
version + various language packs.

For our first final release I would like to provide at least full 
install set for the languages that we have already supported for the dev 
snapshots and potentially more language packs for other languages on 
demand and we have check the translations

en-US de fr es it ja zh-CN pt-BR nl

More languages packs when we have verified the translations and when we 
have volunteers who are interested to test these languages. Means we 
need volunteers from the local communities who are able to test these 
languages. When we see enough support we can also provide full install 
sets. We have to figure that out over time. I am not sure right now.

Some numbers about the required space

A first rough estimation about the required space. We would need round 
about ~8,5GB for a proposed release for the 4 platforms (Windows, Linux 
(x86, x86-64), MacOS) and 9 languages.

It can grow quite fast if we want release Solaris as well and more 

Source Releases
=============== = ~373MB
aoo-3.4-src.tar.gz = ~312MB
aoo-3.4-src.tar.bz2 = ~250MB
asc, md5, sha1, sha512 files = ~3K
Size = ~935MB

dmg = ~160MB
number of languages = 9
asc, md5, sha1, sha512 files = ~10K
Size = 9 * 160MB = 1,44GB

download exe = 109MB
number of languages = 9
asc, md5, sha1, sha512 files = ~10K (not verified yet)
Size = 9 * 109MB = 990MB

rpm.tar.gz = 139MB
deb.tar.gz = 138MB
number of languages = 9
asc, md5, sha1, sha512 files = ~20K ((not verified yet))
Size = 9 * 138MB + 9 * 139MB = ~2,5GB

rpm.tar.gz = 148MB
deb.tar.gz = 147MB
number of languages = 9
asc, md5, sha1, sha512 files = ~20K (not verified yet)
Size = 9 * 148MB + 9 * 147MB = ~2,6GB

I will contact infra structure team and will clarify if that will be a 
potential problem. And I will clarify what necessary to be prepared for 
the expected download traffic.

Any opinions on this approach?


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