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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Creation of a mailing list for Italian volunteers
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2012 16:23:42 GMT
On 2/26/2012 10:12, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> With the release approaching, I see the need for a second mailing list
> in Italian: we now have ooo-it-utenti (users) and I would like to add
> ooo-it-progetto (project).
> I'm thus asking for creation of this new mailing list in 72 hours, and
> assuming consensus if nobody objects.
> The two lists are completely different in scope:
> - the users list is for peer-to-peer support, announcements, generic
> discussions and has been functioning correctly since December, with
> traffic varying according to the topics being discussed)
> - the project list is for volunteers only (not for users) and it is used
> to coordinate activities, especially QA and localization; it will
> produce very high traffic from now to the release time, and then
> occasional traffic until we are back in a pre-release period or a
> scheduled localization/QA sprint. I expect the traffic to be too high
> for people on the users list, so I would prefer to use a separate list;
> of course, we will inform users any time an activity (such as the
> OpenOffice 3.4 localization or QA cycle) begins on the "project" lists.
> Regards,
> Andrea.
Hi, Andrea,

One small quibble.

If you mean that the list is /intended/ for volunteers, but users are 
welcome to subscribe if they want to, that's probably okay.

If only volunteers can subscribe, that's probably not okay; we should 
keep everything as publicly available as possible.


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