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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Apache OpenOffice Extensions Website restored at SourceForge
Date Sun, 26 Feb 2012 13:47:14 GMT
On 26/02/2012 RGB ES wrote:
> 2012/2/25 Roberto Galoppini:
>> As of today, the Extensions website is available at this address
>> located on our domain, at the following address:
>> We've modified it to work under whatever domain name the community
>> chooses  ...
> Just a general question: is it possible to redirect the old address to
> the new one? As someone noticed on the forums(1), the old address is
> build-in on OOo

As I understand the message above, this is taken for granted, i.e., the 
final domain name will be decided by this AOO community and (even if it 
is different from the existing 
domain will also be redirected to it. There are no reasons for doing it 
differently, are there any?

> BTW, the new address is advertised on the ES, EN, IT and (thanks to
> Floris V) Dutch forums.
> (1)

Thanks! Advertised to the Italian users list too
but with the important difference that I explicitly stated that the URL is temporary. At least that was my understanding.

In other words: I expect that, if the new site is working, we decide to 
make it available as or and that, in any case, the old is fully redirected to the new 
website, for the obvious reasons stated above (updates, hardcoded links).

If this is the common understanding, the Bugzilla issue
should be updated with this information.

And, regarding other comments in the forum thread above:
- A user stated that he can't login with his OOo username, but it worked 
for me and apparently for the other people who posted here.
- Hagar Delest changed existing links into but I'm 
not sure this is right: I think it is the same stuation we have for the 
forum, where we have a * URL and 
but we (at least I do) use only the address commonly.


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