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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Plan to deliver the GUI test Java library on the next release
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2012 08:50:04 GMT
On 2/24/12 9:33 AM, Raphael Bircher wrote:
> Am 24.02.12 09:06, schrieb Jürgen Schmidt:
>> On 2/24/12 8:33 AM, O.Felka wrote:
>>> Am 24.02.2012 06:20, schrieb Zhe Liu:
>>>> 在 2012年2月24日 上午10:37,Ma Yong Lin<> 写道:
>>>>> I think what was asked is if we are just get a group of star basic
>>>>> test cases "translated"
>>>>> to java. It would be the same in terms of testing.
>>>> We can do that, but I think it's more meaningful to cover the GUI
>>>> testing for new functions in future, since the existing function has
>>>> been very stable.
>>> I think that it is worth the effort and very helpfull to translate the
>>> old Star Basic tests to Java. We have had always regressions in the
>>> existing and 'stable' functions. So we really need the old tests for
>>> finding regressions in the existing functionality.
>> every test if old or new working with this new automation tool is
>> welcome and highly appreciated. Maybe it's easier for new develoeprs to
>> work with existing tests and make them available for the new
>> environment. Volunteers are always welcome.
>> But in generaI would agree that we should focus on new tests for new
>> changes. And most people would like to work on something new ;-)
> No, new feature are allways good tested. Everyone focus on new futers in
> manual tests, and that is good so. Automated tests should be used to
> garantee basic stability. You can run it 100 times without wasting too
> much human ressource. So finely we should focuse on basic functionality
> at auto test.

I understand that Raphael, the point is the interest of rewriting the 
existing tests to the new tool goes probably to zero. I don't say that 
we shouldn't do that but I won't expect to many volunteers here.

If somebody is interested to rewrite these tests I am sure she/he will 
get all the support we can provide. And of course as I mentioned earlier 
it would be highly appreciated.

And feel free to start working on it based on the new tooling.

> Even you don't realy like the old TT. The Scripts are a good starting
> point, because they cover a load of the basic functionality.

I never said something else. The point is simply that the old tool was 
not maintained for a long time, we have a lack of knowledge and it is 
probably wasted time to investigate in it further.

If the tool still work it's fine and if somebody would like to work on 
it it's also fine. But I favor the new approach for reasons I have 
already pointed out.

And when we can integrate such a tooling in the build process and do it 
automatically it's even better ;-)


> Greetings Raphael

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