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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: Removing output trees during the bootstrap step?
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 16:19:17 GMT
>>> The dependencies for files are now global (see e.g.
>>> trunk\main\solver\340\wntmsci12\workdir\Dep\CxxObject\svx\source\svdraw\svdobj.d
>>> in a built win environment), it's not like in the old in-house build
>>> system. This is because MKDEPENDSOLVER=TRUE is the default now (I ofteh
>>> set that var since I needed glopal deps for incompatible builds from svx
>>> which happened often to me).
>> Yes, the dependencies of the gbuild-ified modules such as svx are
>> handled automatically now, which is what I said. The build dependencies
>> from or to old-build modules are the problem.
> Even the dependencies of the old modules are global (see e.g.
> C:\aoo\trunk\main\sd\wntmsci12\misc\s_sdobjfac.dpcc), e.f. referring not
> only to sd-internal files, but also to all delivered files in the solver.

Yes, these work IF the matching header files have already been copied to 
the output trees.

As the build order and the build dependencies between the modules are 
still managed by e.g. sd/prj/build.lst there is a race possibly 
resulting in the header files not being "delivered" fast enough. Then 
the local dependency magic sees the old unchanged files and does nothing 
though it should if it had seen the updated files.

If the dependencies were not against the files in the output trees but 
against the files in the modules themselves the mechanism could work 
reliably. One would have to leave generated header files out of the 
picture though.


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