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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: Removing output trees during the bootstrap step?
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 15:28:31 GMT
>> For a long time the old build system had the problem that build
>> dependencies between modules had to be set manually and this was quite
>> fragile, of course. It can result in obvious trouble like compile or
>> link failures and what is more troubling are subtle problems, like
>> struct changes going unnoticed by a source file depending on it. The
>> result are hard to debug and "interesting" artifacts.
> The dependencies for files are now global (see e.g.
> trunk\main\solver\340\wntmsci12\workdir\Dep\CxxObject\svx\source\svdraw\svdobj.d
> in a built win environment), it's not like in the old in-house build
> system. This is because MKDEPENDSOLVER=TRUE is the default now (I ofteh
> set that var since I needed glopal deps for incompatible builds from svx
> which happened often to me).

Yes, the dependencies of the gbuild-ified modules such as svx are 
handled automatically now, which is what I said. The build dependencies 
from or to old-build modules are the problem.

Andre's idea with "build --clean" has some appeal in that it is easy 
enough, but I still think the safe alternative should be the default one 
and the "for advanced devs only that really know what they are doing" 
alternative should be the optional one.


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