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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Sample Files Collection for AOO testing
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2012 08:23:35 GMT
Hi Lily,

On 2/23/12 7:45 AM, xia zhao wrote:
> Rob,
> The directory structure like this:
> \Support of Office 2002
> \Support of Office 2003\MS Powerpoint 2003
> \Support of Office 2003\MS Powerpoint 2003\Bullet
> I need recatalog these sample files and then will send the list to ooo-dev.

I would propose names without space when we plan to checkin these files 
in our repository.


> Most of these sample files are our original test files, but belong to IBM
> asserts. Besides some sample files in real world are IBM files. Then
> third-party files.
> We can contribute the original testing sample files first with legal
> approval and then double check with legal if we can contribute IBM files
> and 3rd party files for coumunity testing.
> Best Regards,
>   Lily
> Above is one sample, I can send them special with given structure as patch
> one by one.
> 2012/2/23 Rob Weir<>
>> On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 11:22 AM, xia zhao<>  wrote:
>>> Rob,
>>> About 1500 sample files, 1G in draft.
>> OK.  Much too large to send as a patch to the list or attach to a BZ
>> issue.  We cause problems with subversion if we commit too much at one
>> time.  We need to break it into smaller chunks.
>> Maybe start with a directory listing and send the listing to ooo-dev.
>> It would be good to understand the scope of the documents and the
>> directory structure.  Then we could work with smaller patches, maybe
>> at the sub-tree level, so they are no more than 200 MB for each patch.
>> Also, where did these come from?  Are these all your original files?
>> IBM files?  3rd party files?  We need to understand what permissions
>> we have to use these files.
>> -Rob
>>> Lily
>>> 2012/2/22 Rob Weir<>
>>>> On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 10:53 AM, xia zhao<>  wrote:
>>>>> Rob,
>>>>> I totally agree with you fabout inding one place to manage the test
>>>>> documents.
>>>>> For the samle files catalog, I like your idea about category them via
>>>>> directory structure, currently I do this way on my local.
>>>>> So the next action is find one Apache server. I can upload what I
>> have to
>>>>> the server and place one guide on QA wiki page to show how to
>> structure
>>>>> those testing files.
>>>> What is the total size of the document collection you have now?  How
>>>> many files and how many total megabytes?
>>>>> Best Regards,
>>>>> Lily
>>>>> 2012/2/22 Rob Weir<>
>>>>>>   On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 12:40 AM, xia zhao<>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>>> Recently I am working on sample files collection and category.
>> These
>>>>>> sample
>>>>>>> files would be used for AOO 3.4 and further AOO release testing.
>> These
>>>>>>> sample files are major for compatibility, which covers the
>>>>>> interoperabilty
>>>>>>> with MS office 2003, MS office 2007/2010 and previous OpenOffice
>>>> release.
>>>>>>> Now I have had thousands of MS Office sample files and still
>>>> more,
>>>>>>> especially old OO documents. If you have some sample files, not
>>>>>>> confiditenal, can share with you, would you like send it back
me by
>>>> mail:
>>>>>>> Many thanks!
>>>>>>> Sorry I couldn't find one good place to manage these sample files,
>> or
>>>>>>> anyone have idea where we can centralize these sample files for
>>>> community
>>>>>>> QA volunteers testing?
>>>>>> We could find a place in our subversion repository for test
>> documents.
>>>>>> But even more useful would be a collection of test files with
>> metadata
>>>>>> that explains what they are and how to test them.
>>>>>> For example:
>>>>>> foo.odt is a test file, but then also have foo.txt of foo.xml that
>> has
>>>>>> metadata such as:
>>>>>> 1) What application write out the file
>>>>>> 2) What is special about the file, what is it showing?  A sample
>>>>>> encrypted document?  An invalid file to see how AOO handles errors?
>>>>>> 3) How to test the file?
>>>>>> If we had a set up like that, then we could add some search support,
>>>>>> like:  show me all test documents that were created in OOo 3.3/Mac
>>>>>> Instead of text files, you could also do thisc:
>>>>>> /test-documents
>>>>>> /test-documents/OOo-31
>>>>>> /test-docuements/OOo31/Mac
>>>>>> /test-docuements/OOo31/Mac/encryption
>>>>>> /test-docuements/OOo31/Mac/encryption/blowfish.odt
>>>>>> Also, it is better if people contribute the test files to an Apache
>>>>>> server, either to the mailing list, subversion or Bugzilla. If they
>> do
>>>>>> that, then they are putting the files under the Apache license. 
>>>>>> they just send them to you personally, they have not given permission
>>>>>> for the project to use the files.  Also, by having them send the
>>>>>> files to Apache, the privacy implications are clearer.
>>>>>> In any case, I like your idea.  But I'd recommend that we first first
>>>>>> agree on how we can receive, store and catalog the files.  One we
>>>>>> understand that, then it will be easier to ask users to send us their
>>>>>> files.
>>>>>> -Rob
>>>>>>> Best Regards,
>>>>>>> Lily Zhao

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