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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Does anyone build AOO under *csh?
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 15:59:14 GMT
On 02/21/12 10:15, Herbert Duerr wrote:
>> No objection to your plan but in general I do dislike the excessive
>> dependence we have on bash. Perhaps you can clean the bash
>> script too? It doesn't look too bad:
>> > checkbashisms
>> script does not appear to have a #! interpreter 
>> line
> That's easy.
>> possible bashism in line 266 (alias):
>> alias mkout="perl $SOLARENV/bin/"
>> possible bashism in line 267 (alias):
>> alias deliver="perl $SOLARENV/bin/"
>> possible bashism in line 268 (alias):
>> alias build="perl $SOLARENV/bin/"
>> possible bashism in line 269 (alias):
>> alias build_client="perl $SOLARENV/bin/"
>> possible bashism in line 270 (alias):
>> alias zipdep="perl $SOLARENV/bin/"
>> possible bashism in line 271 (alias):
>> alias nmake="dmake"
> What is the problem with these alias commands? Of course the *csh 
> equivalents would omit the equal sign, but do any non-csh shells have 
> a different syntax here?
> Herbert

According to Wikipedia:


Aliases were absent from theBourne shell 
<>, which had the more powerful 
facility of functions. The alias concept was imported intoBourne Again 
Shell <>(bash) and 
theKorn shell <>(ksh).


So I think we cannot count on having alias for older bin/sh.

FWIW, the checkbashisms script (from sourceforge) is very cool
but not without flaws: some shells do support some bashisms,
and in the case of, which is clean now, it appears
the Solaris shell still doesn't like it.



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