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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Hanging implementation of secant functions
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2012 07:44:40 GMT
On 2/16/12 10:38 PM, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi Armin,
> Armin Le Grand schrieb:
>> Hi Regina,
>> On 15.02.2012 14:30, Regina Henschel wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> with and
>>> the implementation
>>> of the functions SEC, CSC, SECH and CSCH was planed. Patch is attached
>>> there. Because of the transition it hangs now. How to proceed?
>> To avoid misinterpretations: Is this fully implemented and checked or
>> work in progress? Can it be comitted 'as-is'?
> It is implemented in LibreOffice in 3.4.5 and 3.5. Eike has made the
> following changes:
> In file formula/inc/formula/compiler.hrc he uses the numbers 98, 99,
> 100, 101 and shifts the following numbers accordingly, where I had used
> the numbers 395, 396, 397, 398.
> The file scfuncs.hrc is not used in LO and can not be used in AOO too,
> because the way helpids are handled has changed in the meantime.
> Therefore Eike has made the necessary changes in file /sc/inc/helpids.h
> (You find the relevant commits there with search for SECH in log msg)
> The other changes in LO are the same as in my patches, which are
> attached to the issue.
> So how to proceed? Copy the changes of file "helpids.h"? Change the
> numbers or stick with my numbers? Generate a new patch?

The easiest way is to ensure or ask Eike if he is willing to provide his 
changes under ALv2. Otherwise the changes are very straight forward and 
probably the only way to do it. At least the changes in the helpids.h. I 
am not sure about the id change in the c...compiler.hrc. I think the 
id's have to be unique and if it works with your id's we can used it.

It is your choice of course but maybe when you think about future 
improvements you should consider to do it first in AOO. It will make our 
life easier because of the one way license/code flow ;-)


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