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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: How to give proper attributions to patches?
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 01:25:12 GMT
On 2012-02-15 4:44 PM, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> Perhaps we should establish some policy concerning
> the list of contributors (where is it, BTW?); no
> idea if we want to distinguish between recent (AOO)
> contributors and previous (OOo) contributors.

Excellent discussion.  I'd suggest PPMC members look at the 
well-established and (incredibly) detailed commit log message standards 
our own Apache Subversion project uses:

It might be useful if a couple of folks review those guidelines, pick a 
couple that seem pertinent, and propose them for this project to adopt. 
  As you might expect, as a project that builds a source code tracker, 
the Subversion project is pretty detailed about how they track commit 
logs. 8-)

In general, providing credit like this in a simple way that's visible to 
the active developers on the project (wherever that is) is definitely 
important.  There are both some contributors who simply like to get the 
credit; it also allows the existing committers to clearly see what new 
contributors are doing over time, allowing the community to better see 
who to consider for future committer votes.

Note: in general, giving credit is a good thing, especially to new 
submitters.  Making people "owners" or "leaders" of specific modules in 
the larger sense is... not necessarily a good thing; in terms of 
ownership, we encourage the community as a whole to own the project.

- shane

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