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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Logo - banner artwork
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 17:46:57 GMT
Hey, how'd you do the feather, and what was your source for that part of 
the graphic?  It's a little tiny bit different than the a.o homepage one 
(which is quite small), but yours looks great!  (Note: we could also use 
updated versions of the main Apache feather - no changes, just some 
better graphics in different sizes for distribution)

Not that you probably shouldn't listen to me when it comes to graphics, 
since I'm really bad at visual design.  But... when you look at 
logo2.png, I can't quite tell if the kerning is right, or if it needs 

"A" might move a sqinch closer to the p in the title line

The two "O"s in the title line might tweak closer to the following letters

The "i" in the title line might skootch closer to the following "c"

Oddly enough, I like the kerning on the subhead - it's only the *bold* 
characters in the title line that seem the tiniest bit off.

- Shane, who recently read and reminds you 
that he's really bad at graphics, so he might just be crazy on this one

On 2012-02-09 2:05 PM, drew wrote:
> Hi,
> Worked on the logo and banner, etc yesterday.
> There was a request for something more square and that ended up getting
> me to think about a more squarish layout - so I put together a variant
> of the incubator tag line.
> The only real change to the Apache OpenOffie part is a slight increase
> of the space between the words Apache and OpenOffie.
> So - for the baseline logo then I have the color, b+W and grayscale
> wrapped up I think, minus just a couple of 300dpi png files suitable for
> printing.
> Will finish that this afternoon and send in - if anyone wants that
> variation included, let me know and I'll include that also.
> Thanks,
> //drew

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