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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Proposal for AOO test tool
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 12:53:23 GMT
On 2/13/12 12:55 PM, Ji Yan wrote:
> Hi all,
>    Recently, I'm thinking about how testing work should be done and what the
> procedure should followed under Apache OO structure. Before OO goes into
> ASF, testing work was controlled by QUASTe and manual test cases stored in
> TCM but both tools were disconnected once Oracle donated OO to Apache. Now,
> it's time for us to think about how can we move on for testing.
>    While within AOO 3.4, we store the manual scripts in wiki page, it's good
> place at this time, but should not be permanent. As it's hard to tell test
> status and collect testing data, also it has no connection with automation
> test tool.
>    After review some tools, I find the "Test Link"[1], maybe the proper tool
> for us to manage testing work. If anyone has any suggestion on other tools,
> please let me know. The target is to customize and deploy it to OO
> website. I'll move forward with this tool with no objection

I took a quick first look on the demo deployment and I think it looks 

I would definitely support such an approach and think it can be very 
useful to track our QA efforts more efficient in the future.

It is probably a good idea to collect more information how this can be 
used for AOO and ideally we can collect some experience on a test 

When we are sure that TestLink will be the best choice we have to work 
together with the infra structure team on a official deployment. We have 
to ensure that we have enough volunteers to maintain this software and 
the deployment (e.g. maintenance in general, security updates).

A very important point is to make QA work fun and easy to participate. 
In general our project will benefit from a very good quality where our 
users can rely on.

I am looking forward to hear more about your experience with this tool 
and how you think it can be used for AOO.


> [1]

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