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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Proposal for use of funds collected by SPI
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 02:10:56 GMT
On 02/12/12 10:55, Wolf Halton wrote:
> I am excited about getting the developers together!
> Where are the largest number of developers located? How hard would it
> be to find a place where the largest number with the least money for
> travel could get there with the least hassle?
> Wolf

It depends on who's cost you want to optimize: I suspect the
two biggest groups of developers are in Germany and China.

I don't think we should spend donated money in corporate hats
but it's important that they can go too, so perhaps somewhere
in Europe.

I was thinking in ApacheCon because there are some interesting
codebases that we use (Lucene, Tomcat, Apache commons) and
it would be good to have some contact with those communites.

Any hint where the next ApacheCon Europe will be?


> On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 5:15 AM, Ross Gardler
> <>  wrote:
>>  From my point of view I think it would be very valuable to use this
>> money to get the developers together for a hackathon type event.
>> This project is currently populated by a large number of individuals
>> from a single company and a large number of individuals who probably
>> feel they are insignificant. On top of that there are people from the
>> old structure who likely feel disenfranchised. It would be great to
>> have an event that brought all these people together.
>> The issue is organising such an event. It's not trivial, there needs
>> to be sufficient momentum in the community to make it happen. I, as a
>> member of ComDev and ConCom, and as a mentor of this project, will
>> help. I have extensive experience of putting events on, of all sizes,
>> here in the UK. I can also assist those wishing to host in their own
>> back-yards. But we need commitment from a few PPMC members to be sure
>> it will work (and to get the backing of ConCom).
>> I would suggest that the proposal to take to the board and committees
>> should say that the focus of all activities from this money will be to
>> get developers together. It is hoped that an AOO meetup will be
>> organised through (ConCom) with travel assistance available for those
>> who need it (via TAC). It is not necessary, in my opinion, to commit
>> to doing an event, but I am happy for you to say you have my
>> commitment to support it - if we can add a few other PPMC members
>> names that would be great.
>> If the PPMC has the energy and wants to turn this into a user focussed
>> event with a developer event co-located then this would also be good
>> *but*, be aware that user focussed events are *much* more difficult to
>> organise. I am *not* volunteering to help with this part of things. I
>> will (with my ConCom hat) support such an event, but count me out of
>> the organising team.
>> Ross
>> --
>> Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
>> Programme Leader (Open Development)
>> OpenDirective

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