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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: [WWW] Feedback/"contact us" about the website link needed...
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2012 21:23:40 GMT
Am 02/10/2012 10:09 PM, schrieb Rob Weir:
> On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 3:14 PM, Marcus (OOo)<>  wrote:
>> Am 02/10/2012 07:46 PM, schrieb Rob Weir:
>>> On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 12:43 PM, Kay Schenk<>    wrote:
>>>> On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 4:46 PM, Rob Weir<>    wrote:
>>>>> On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 7:04 PM, Kay Schenk<>
>>>>>> I'm just noticing that we do not seem to have a "Contact Us about
>>>>>> website" link on either
>>>>>> --or--
>>>>>> A somewhat minor thing I know given our focus at the moment, but...any
>>>>>> thoughts?
>>>>>> Header area? Footer area? Side bar?
>>>>>> I think a prominent "Contact Us" (some place) would serve us well
>>>>>> customer satisfaction.
>>>>> I'd be very careful here.   We don't have the resources for users to
>>>>> actually contact us, except in very limited circumstances.  Remember,
>>>>> we have 100 million users.  When users visit the website they are
>>>>> typically looking for something, whether a download, or support info,
>>>>> or something specific.  We're not the kind of website that people
>>>>> visit just for fun.   So if we put a single contact address in a
>>>>> prominent location, then lazy users will just shoot off emails to that
>>>>> address.  We don't be able to handle that load.  And if that address
>>>>> is a list address, we'll be deluged with private information going to
>>>>> that list.
>>>>> A good example of this problem is the bugzilla admin address that
>>>>> shows up on our BZ page.  Even though it clearly says that is for only
>>>>> reporting admin issues, we get many support questions to that address.
>>>>> Ditto for the list owner addresses.  Any email address you put in
>>>>> front of a user will be used as a life saver and grasped in their
>>>>> moment of need.
>>>>> That said, we should make sure we have coverage of the main reasons
>>>>> people visit the website and have a reasonable way for them to get
>>>>> what they need.  I think the main page is fine for people looking for
>>>>> how to download and get support on OpenOffice.  It also has a good
>>>>> link for people who want to learn more about the project.  The podling
>>>>> website has specific pages for people who want to use the trademarks,
>>>>> report a security vulnerability and other topics.  It also has a page
>>>>> listing all of our mailing lists.
>>>>> Another way to think of it:  99.99% of the time, if a user actually
>>>>> needs to contact us, then the website has failed its purpose.  We can
>>>>> only handle 100 million users if, for the vast majority of cases, they
>>>>> can self-support themselves via the website's navigation and find what
>>>>> they want.  So the challenge here is to handle the exceptional 0.01%
>>>>> of cases, without becoming the path of least resistance for the other
>>>>> 99.99%.
>>>>> -Rob
>>>> Rob--
>>>> I understand what you're saying, believe me. I guess I feel we should
>>>> provide an easier avenue for people to report problems with the site
>>>> itself. I'm also aware that if I just put in a simple link with a
>>>> "mailto"
>>>> tag, many folks won't be able to deal with that because they won't have a
>>>> "default" e-mail client.
>>>> How about a "Contact Us" link that directs them to our existing "Mailing
>>>> List" page --
>>>> We could add a bit more description to the "Development Mailing List" to
>>>> indicate that it would be used for submitting questions/problems about
>>>> the
>>>> web site.
>>> If the issue is to give a way for people to report site issues the I'd
>>> have text that is focused on that, like "report site problems" or
>>> something similar.  A "contact us" link is more likely to be misused
>>> for other types of questions.
>>> The BZ "www" product can be used to report issues on the website,
>>> mailing lists and Bugzilla itself.  So it might be best to point them
>>> to that for reporting website issues.
>> Do you really want to "solve" user problems like "I cannot download AOO. Can
>> you help me?" over and over again via a bug tracker? I wouldn't. ;-)
>> IMHO forget BZ to handle these kind of issues users can report. Better to
>> create a FAQ or point to the User's Forums (then to point to already
>> existing threads).
>> FYI:
>> We have already an example that I've implemented previously for reporting
>> broken download links and that was migrated with the website move:
>> (jump to the bottom to the last section above the footer)
> That page says: "Please report any broken link or things you think
> that needs to be corrected on this webpage by sending a mail to:
> I don't think that is what we want.

No, the only differnce may the purpose as it ask for some special thing 
and not general feedback. But I see it as kind of what Kay suggested.

> There is a difference between correcting content or suggesting a
> different working on a webpage, and some one trying to download, but
> failing.  Errors on webpages, just like errors in the product's code,
> should go to BZ.   This is different than user support questions.
> There may be cases where the user is not sure which it is.  But there
> are many more cases where the user knows it is an error on the page.
> Best to just have them report it in BZ.

OK; then have fun to "solve" these problems. I won't as they don't 
belong to this tool. :-)


>> Interestingly, it seems to work to name the text like "... please use only
>> for broken links and for nothing else ..." as they point already to the
>> "ooo-dev@" mailing list. So, I think we haven't seen any mails like this,
>> right?
>> So, maybe not the worst idea to point to a mailing list. ;-) But I'm also
>> fine to point to the (then a bit updated)
>> "".
>> My 2 ct.
>> Marcus
>>> Another approach would be to expand the homepage to have an "I have a
>>> question" button, in addition to the "I want to learn more", "I want
>>> to download", etc. buttons.  This could link to a page where give a
>>> larger directory of topics and where to go for more information.
>>> Support, press, trademarks, security, volunteers, donations, etc.
>>> Maybe a list of 20 or more.  And then at the end, suggest ooo-dev for
>>> questions on topics not listed above.
>>> Or, maybe do this in the form of FAQ's?
>>>> Or do you think it would be best to direct them to BZ?
>>> IMHO, yes, for reporting site issues, including content issues on the
>>> site.

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