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From Michael Bauer <>
Subject Re: Where is Localization/Translation Now?
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 22:28:17 GMT
> I assume you refer to my "leading by doing" statement. I disagree with 
> your best case scenario. After all, this is how development is done. 
> Are there (should there be) different rules for translators?
> -Andre
Putting it the other way, would you give just anyone the right to commit 
new (structural) code?

Community translation has its good sides and it's bad sides. What will 
undoubtedly happen is that there will be disagreements over style, 
terminology and orthography. Unless you have the option of making 
someone the "arbiter" of that locale, you end up with the most 
nauseating hotchpotch of style, terminology and orthography. Some of the 
Google interface languages are like that.

It's a quality issue. If you're (AOO as a project that is) not bothered 
about, say, the interface switching between old and new German spelling 
within the same locale, one person calling the same thing a 
"Rechtschreibprüfung" in one menu and "Orthographiechecker" in another, 
then that's worrying.


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