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From Andre Fischer>
Subject OpenOffice on Wikipedia
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 13:30:36 GMT

I recently found myself at the english Wikipedia page for "Twip" (a unit 
of length). Nothing unexpected there except the following sentence:

     They are also used in Rich Text Format from Microsoft for platform-
     independent exchange and they are the base length unit in

While technically wrong (twip is *a* unit used in Writer but (almost) 
not in the other applications) the exclusive mentioning of LibreOffice 
caught my eye.  The original use of the word was changed 
on June 1st 2011 to LibreOffice.

I don't care much about this replacement on this very page.  I have no 
plan to simply change it back.  I rather wonder how a good and fair 
solution could look like for situations where you want to make a 
reference to the family of OpenOffice suites, both the original and its 
forks.  When searching for the term OpenOffice in the english Wikipedia 
then I am forwarded to There, Apache OpenOffice are the 
first words in the main text.

Could/should there be some sort of a disambiguation page like 
"OpenOffice family" that mentions the different members of the family?


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