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From Gianluca Turconi <>
Subject Re: Default values on Writer
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 09:29:35 GMT
Il 07/02/2012 23.59, RGB ES ha scritto:
> 2012/1/29 Andrea Pescetti<>:
>> On 22/01/2012 RGB ES wrote:
>>> == Context sensitive toolbars ==
>>> Context sensitive toolbars are a really useful feature but new users
>>> tend to not like them because by default they appear on not so useful
>>> places... like on top of the table you are trying to edit. IMHO,
>>> anchoring by default those toolbars on the bottom of the window will
>>> give better user experience.
>> Yes. Even better would be anchoring them on the right hand side, but the
>> page will redraw when they move out of the object... Anyway, I agree that
>> toolbars that get in the way are a common annoyance for users, so they
>> should be anchored by default.
>>> == Autocorrect options ==
>>> There are several autocorrect options that create confusion among new
>>> (and not so new) users.
>> On this one I'm less sure: there are probably as many (if not more) users
>> who do rely on these features, and if we disbale them by default we will see
>> a lot of requests on how to enable them.
>> Probably the only one that can be safely considered annoying is Number
>> Recognition in tables.
>>> == Word Completion ==
>>> ... Checking under Tools → AutoCorrect Options → Word Completion tab the
>>> option "Show as a tip" provides a far better user experience and make
>>> it more clear that this is a suggestion and not something imposed by
>>> Writer.
>> Indeed, this one should really be changed for better usability.
>>> == Toolbar buttons ==
>>> Do we need a Zoom button when we have a nice Zoom toolbar bottom right
>>> on the window?
>> Well, not everybody is familiar with the slider, and I don't find it so
>> annoying.
>>> What do you think?
>> Better defaults are indeed low-hanging fruits that can make the difference
>> in usability. If we have consensus in changing at least the items listed
>> here, this would already be nice.
>> Regards,
>>   Andrea.
> Another default that needs a change is the page and column break
> colour (Tools → Options → → Appearance). Right now is
> dark blue and it is difficult to see a page break from the text
> boundary. A light red will make easier to identify breaks.
> Cheers
> Ricardo

I'd like adding another change to default options.

When the search dialog opens (i.e. pressing CTRL+F on the keybord), the 
"Other options" section, by pressing which the dialog window is extended 
with more available options, is always *closed* by default when the 
dialog is reopened, even when the user previously selected some extra 
search options.

This behavior can cause a usability issue, because the user can't see 
and remember at once what "Other options" are selected, so that the 
search may fail because, for example, regular expressions are selected, 
while the user is now looking for a plain text word or symbol.

The default behavior should be keeping the search dialog window extended 
when it opens and the user has previously selected an extra option.

Here it is how the current default search window always opens in OOo 3.3:

Here it is how the default search window should open when the user has 
previously selected an extra option:


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