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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Conventions in help files
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 16:11:14 GMT
Hi Regina,

On 2/6/12 4:50 PM, Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm going to add help texts for the new line caps and for corner style.
> I found that the extended help tips have to go into
> helpcontent2\source\text\shared\01\05200100.xhp.
> Inside that file the nodes get id-values. The first part is 'bm_id' or
> 'hd_id' or 'par_id' according to the kind of node. That is followed by a
> number. Does a convention exists, how to build that number?
> The attribute l10n had been used for the change from OOo1 to OOo2 but no
> longer. What value is used for content, that has not exist in OOo1?
> Should it be l10n="" (which means empty) or l10n="NEW"? The attribute is
> required.
> I see bookmark nodes with identical branch attribute, for example
> branch="hid/.uno:LineWidth" but different id-values. That makes no sense
> to me, because the hid has to be a unique target in the help files.
> Reason for the duplicate nodes?
> There are some remarks needed, which go beyond an extended help tip.
> Where should I add them, to one of the 'guide'-files or make a new one.
> Or exists plans to drop such information from help totally and only use
> a Wiki for more detailed help?

you haven open pandora's box and probably nobody really knows how 
exactly it is used and were handled in the past. Or better the people 
who knows are not really active anymore in the project.

I have some experience with creating help files for extension but these 
were very small and I had everything under my control ;-)

I think Frank Peters have mentioned the help extension (xslt filter + a 
macro collection) that can be used to edit xhp files in the office and 
which provides some helper to manage the id's. That is at least what I 
remember but without guarantee.

Hopefully the extension is available or we can find the code for it. It 
will probably help to understand it.

Sorry that I can't provide more help here (or should I say information)


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