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From Ariel Constenla-Haile <>
Subject Re: Build breaks while making 'openoffice_en-US.archive'
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2012 23:22:58 GMT
Hi Regina,

On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 11:51:10PM +0100, Regina Henschel wrote:
> I've copied those files to external\msvcp90 and made a clean build.
> But it breaks again with error message
> ERROR: ERROR: unopkg.exe sync --verbose
> -env:UNO_JAVA_JFW_ENV_JREHOME=true 2>&1 | failed!
> in function: register_extensions
> and the already cited text in log_OOO340_en-US.log
> Searching with google I found that others, not connected to
> openoffice and using MSVC directly, have similar problems when
> making a debug build. The advise in those cases was to turn off
> "incremental linking". But I have now knowledge of this.

yes, I've found this too.
According to MSDN docs
the command is /INCREMENTAL:YES|NO
Searching in solenv/inc and solenv/gbuild/platform it seems it is already
set to NO in some places. I doubt this is the root cause of the problem
here, the error also happens now on the build boot:

@Andrew: do you have access to the buildboot machine? The log does not
help much in instsetoo_native/

It would be helpful to also have all the logs in the logging folders: in
this case


They follow the pattern:

> My non-pro build was successful in January with revision 1232793.
> Any further ideas?

No, sorry. We'll have to wait until tomorrow some of the guys building
in Windows can take a look.
It looks like something got broken recently: IIRC the build boot *did*
some successful builds.

Ariel Constenla-Haile
La Plata, Argentina

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