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From drew jensen <>
Subject Re: Calling all volunteers: It is time to test
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 19:49:12 GMT
On Wed, 2012-02-29 at 09:18 -0500, Rob Weir wrote:
> As we approach the first Release Candidate for Apache OpenOffice 3.4,
> it would be wonderful if we could have some more volunteers testing
> the latest dev snapshots builds. Following is some information on what
> this requires, and how you can help.
> First, if you have never tested a pre-release product before, know
> that bugs are expected. That is the purpose of testing, to find bugs
> so they can be fixed. Bugs could range from UI glitches, to incorrect
> formatting to crashes or even data corruption.  So you probably don't
> want to use a test build for mission-critical tasks. Of course, I
> assume you have already backed up your important documents.  You do
> have backups, right?  Ideally you can do your testing on a separate
> machine from your main work machine, so if something goes wrong you
> will not interfere with your other work.
> The above are all sensible precautions when testing any pre-release
> software product.
> If you are ready to test, you can download the latest developer
> snapshot build from this page:
> We could use help verifying the install in all real-world scenarios,
> on clean OS installs, as upgrades to previous versions of OOo and as
> installs on machines where LibreOffice or Symphony are already
> installed.

Installed on Ubuntu 11.04 alongside LibO 3.5 (64bit), OpenJDK 1.6 - no

Installed a few extensions - mixed results 
- Report Builder - install good, a couple of quick reports, good.
- a couple of addon, custom spell checkers - all good
- PostgreSQL SDB extension - failure to load, missing file.
- Template Changer - hangs AOO during install (twice)
- MySQL - no reason to try (that is a huge hit guys)

Will go ahead and do this all on Vista (32Bit) w/ existing 3.3 later

So - looking at the test page I guess the Bases test are mine to
add..and I'll start when I have the Vista VM running.. :-/ how ironic
for that to be the case today.. (sorry comment not likely to be
understood by many here, but a few may)

Otherwise - I suppose bugzilla will also be in order here and there.

Good job by the way...


> Once you have installed, launch OpenOffice and look at the Help/About
> box.  If the revision shown there matches the build you installed
> (e..g, "r1293550") then the install was a success. Please send a short
> note to the telling us what platform and
> scenario you installed (fresh install, upgrade, install next to
> LibreOffice, etc.).  This will help us understand what scenarios have
> already been attempted and which have not.
> After you have installed, there are three approaches to testing, of
> increasing degrees of formality:
> 1) Just use the dev snapshot for your ordinary work, doing your
> ordinary tasks.  When you observe a bug, submit a report on this to
> Bugzilla.
> 2) Self-directed testing.  Pick an area of the product that you
> understand well, like printing or text formatting, or slide show
> transitions.  Spend an hour or two trying to exercise that feature in
> all its variations.  If there is a dialog box, try manipulating all of
> its values.  If it is a formatting option, create a document that uses
> all variations.   Try to break it.  Try to think like a bug.
> A special area that could use attention is version compatibility.
> Take all of your 3.3 documents and open them up on AOO
> 3.4.  Any errors?  Formatting issues?  Crashes? Missing data?   Ditto
> for opening Microsoft Office documents.  Are there any regressions,
> e.g., things that worked in 3.3 but now break in 3.4?  Try it in the
> other direction as well.  If you create a document in AOO 3.4, can it
> be read correctly in OOo 3.3?  Did we do anything that breaks
> backwards compatibility?
> Another special area is to verify the translations.  Install a
> multi-language install or a language pack and check the translation
> for completeness and accuracy.  If it looks good, please send a note
> to the list, so we know it has already been verified. If there are
> bugs, please enter into Bugzilla.
> 3) Cover test cases from the test plan
> A 3.4 test plan is on the wiki here:
> Results are here:
> Look for an area that has not been tested, test it, and upload your results.
> In all cases, if you find bugs, report them in Bugzilla:
> We can also use help re-testing bugs that have been marked as fixed,
> and confirming/reproducing newly reported bugs.  If you want to help
> in Bugzilla, sign up for an account and respond to this note and ask
> for your ID to be put in the  "qa-team" group, so you will have
> expanded permissions to edit issues.
> Regards,
> -Rob

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