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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject New minor version of Dmake available.
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 19:01:38 GMT

The original version of Dmake 4.12 is still available
and featured in it's Apache-extras home:

However I took some (but not all) changes from
LibreOffice and merged them into a new Dmake 4.12.2.

The result has been well tested on FreeBSD where it
is now the default Dmake so don't be shy about
trying the new changes:

Handle NetBSD like the other BSDs in more cases
(Thomas Klausner)
Add DragonFly defines.
(Francois Tigeot)
distinguish exit due failure vs signal aborted  
(Caolan McNamara)
free after use                                  
(David Tardon)
dir is always copied--free unconditionally      
(David Tardon)
Output the "Executing shell macro" only with -vr
(Tor Lillqvist)
don't let fprintf pollute errno             
(Michael Meeks)

Of course I don't guarantee I will keep releasing
new versions of this ...ugh .. software.



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