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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: How to give proper attributions to patches?
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 00:54:30 GMT

--- Mer 15/2/12, Rob Weir <> ha scritto:
> >
> > Perhaps we should establish some policy concerning
> > the list of contributors (where is it, BTW?); no
> > idea if we want to distinguish between recent (AOO)
> > contributors and previous (OOo) contributors.
> >
> I think this is at two levels:
> 1) Give credit in the commit memo when committing the patch

Yes, this is key.

> 2) Add to credits list here:
> That page is what we point to from the about box, I believe.
> It is very out-of-date.  It does not include you or me.

I see .. I personally don't care but a lot of people do and
it can become a good motivation. In certain other project
we have some level: you start by being an "additional code
cpntributor" and when you become a committer you are
jumped to a "developer" level.

> In any case, if we get the SVN side correct, and do it in a
> consistent way, then we can easily extract a list of patch
> submitters to add to the credits page before each release.
> For example:  "Fixed overflow error in smallBuffer (patch
> from Joe Bloggs)".

That's something we are getting wrong (and I include myself
here). Instead of the lazy one line comments we should be
using a template; something like this, in a text file:


Clean buffer overflows when initializing .doc files.

As shown in Wikileaks a bogusly created .doc file can
embed a trojan that will capture all your data if your
password is 12345.

Contributed by:  The Anonymous Group
BZ Issue :       666
MFC after:       3 weeks.

In my other pet project the bug reporting system is
notified and I receive mail after 3 weeks reminding me
to merge changes from the current branch.

Bug reports are usually taken into account when electing
new committers.

> But what about other areas, like forum volunteers, people
> submitting bugs, people helping on ooo-users, people
> designing logos, etc. ?

doc committers should receive similar recognition. Some
other contributions are difficult to quantify and are
usually incorrectly quantified. We cannot be perfect but
we can try to do better.
> Of course, another approach is to not have a credits
> page. 

I think we should have one but it should be opt-in.

In any case I do think we should break apart the
contributors from the old and the
active ones in Apache.


> A third approach would be to let those who care add their
> own name.
> So instead of a web page for credits, move that to the wiki,
> and invite contributors to add their own info. We sort of do
> that already, with the "people" page, but that is not as easy
> to edit as the wiki.

Maybe this would be useful so that people describe what they
would like to work on, but this is something that would
likely run out of control very easily.


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