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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Hagar Delest as Committer and PPMC Member
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 23:46:21 GMT
All right, let's get specific:

I propose that Hagar Delest be invited to become a Committer and PPMC Member.  As soon after
midnight Thursday, 2012-02-23T24:00Z that this discussion quiets, I will review the discussion
and determine whether there is sufficient consensus to undertake a [VOTE].

Hagar is well-known as a long-standing senior moderator of the OpenOffice Community Forums.
 He is occasionally visible on ooo-dev (although a number of forum folk are uncomfortable
with mailing-list systems, ooo-dev in particular).  He has been involved in the development
of two Apache OpenOffice blog posts on the Forums, including the one that he drafted for the
New Year Status.  He will invariably show up at some point in any public discussion related
to the forums.  

His previous commitment and level of activity from the hands-off Sun/Oracle period has continued
undiminished since the arrangement to have ASF custodianship of the Community Forums.  In
the course of that transition, and despite his misgivings, he was a source of stability and
continues to be an individual that others look to for leadership.

 - Dennis

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