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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: Images in AOO Blog Posts
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 15:47:35 GMT
	Hi all,

On 12.01.2012 16:34, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Some externally-sourced images do not present properly in all browsers that visit the
AOO blog.
> I notice this especially with IE 9 and IE 8.  The root source is apparently violation
of browser privacy rules (even set to medium or low) when accessing the image file attempts
to deliver cookies to the client from a domain other than that of the blog site.  (When the
image is accessed directly in these browsers, the user is asked whether to download or display
it, rather than having it be automatically displayed.)
> Since it seems inappropriate to request visitors to the blog to lower their browser privacy
settings, it would be useful to avoid this problem for casual users and visitors.
> This happens with the post that Hagar prepared that is now available at<>
 as of today.  The graphic is at<>.
 The post is not comprehensible without the graphic.
> This does *not* happen with Armin's beautiful graphic in the post from yesterday:<>.
> The difference is that Armin's graphic was uploaded to the blog site.
> It would be a good thing to find out how that was done and to follow in Armin's footsteps.
>   - Dennis

That's not really complicated, after login in the 'New entry' View, go 
to 'Media files' in the brown toolbar. Click your way on images and 
choose 'Add media file' from the right control pad. The rest should be 

The reason this is not widely used is that the Apache Roller Weblogger 
on default adds graphics only as thumbnails on which the reader has to 
click to get the original graphic loaded. There seems to be no direct 
way to change that default. I also did not like that and (with Ollis 
help) we found out that in the HTTP source there is a '?t=true' added to 
one of the links representing the graphic. Removing this makes the 
graphic appear full size; we guessed that it's a 'tiny' flag...



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