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From Michael Stahl <>
Subject Re: /usr/bin/
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2012 17:32:24 GMT
On 06/01/12 11:54, Andre Fischer wrote:
> Ah, found another one:
> Synaptic on Ubuntu 11.10 has a package "" which installs 
> LibreOffice.  It is not installed by default (the "libreoffice" package 
> is) and also provides the 'explanation'
> <quote>
> This is a transitional package, replacing the packaging
> with the LibreOffice packaging.
> It can be safely removed after an upgrade.
> </quote>
> but still, is this OK?

hi Andre,

this is a standard procedure that happens regularly on deb-based
distributions: upstream communities do weird things such as re-brand,
fork, become inactive and resume at a different place with a different
name, etc.;  examples that come to mind include GAIM re-branded to Pidgin,
Debian's Mozilla stuff re-branded IceAnimals, or the git/gnuit conflict.

the approach is that an empty package with the old name which has a
dependency on the real package with the new name is included in the next
release, to ensure a smooth upgrade experience for users (because
otherwise an outdated and unsupported version of the old package would
remain, which is bad from a security point of view).  this "transitional"
package is then usually dropped one release later (though i don't know
what happens exactly on Ubuntu, which supports upgrades between LTS releases).

in this case i guess it's at the discretion of the distributions which of
the 2 successors of the deceased they transition to (and
given the lack of a release from Apache OpenOffice it shouldn't surprise
anybody that currently LibreOffice is the more popular transition target).


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