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From Simon Phipps <>
Subject Re: Team OpenOffice White Label Office (powered by Apache Open Office)
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 10:47:08 GMT

On 4 Jan 2012, at 08:03, eric b wrote:
> To justify this point of view, I got one famous example in mind : one NeoOffice link
was added (Simon Phipps around already ...) on the main porting project web
page. It was a disaster for because people were confused, and thought NeoOffice
was the "official" Mac OS X port. This way, NeoOffice derivated a long time the porting project
forces, including donations who were derivated too.

Careful how you rewrite history, Eric. At the time for reasons many of us know well,
had no Mac OS X release that was usable by or attractive to an end-user. NeoOffice provided
one, and it was appropriate to point to them. The situation did move on from there later,
but the choice taken at the time (to ensure end-users were directed to a place they could
get up-to-date, working code from a bona fides downstream project) was the right one and grew
the overall user community significantly. 

It also meant it was easy to prove there was indeed demand for a good Mac port. Without that
earlier step I doubt Sun would have applied resources later to create a working Mac port.


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