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From Rob Weir <>
Subject 3.4 Plan: For which platforms will we officially release binary packages?
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 18:09:26 GMT
Last week I posted a note pointing to a draft 3.4 release plan on the wiki:

A few of you have step up to volunteer for some tasks.  This is great.
 This is just a draft, so feel free to modify, add additional
high-level tasks, etc.

Some of the items on the wiki are not tasks for individual volunteers,
but things we need to agree on before we can release.  For some of
these items, we should try to come to a consensus now, so we can
ensure that the plan accounts for everything we want to do.

So one item from the wiki:  What platforms do we want to release 3.4
binary packages for?

With 3.3.0 we had:

Windows Intel MSI 	
Linux Intel RPM 	
Linux Intel DEB 	
Linux x86-64 RPM 	
Linux x86-64 DEB 	
Mac OS Intel DMG 	
Solaris Intel PKG 	
Solaris Sparc PKG

Do we want to do the same with 3.4?  Add ports?  Remove ports?  We
obviously have active porting work around BSD and OS/2.  Is the intent
to have them be Apache releases?  Or to be released separately?

Personally, I'd temper "what we want" with "what can we accomplish
well".  In other words, what platforms do we think we can cover, from
a dev and test perspective, so we can have a solid 3.4 release, one
were we can confidently ask the IPMC to approve a release, and be
proud to read the reviews?   There might be one answer for AOO 3.4 and
an expanded answer for AOO 4.0,


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