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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Volunteer for technical writing
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 01:47:05 GMT
On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 7:59 PM, Julie John <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently went through website and am interested in
> volunteering . I have a diploma in network centered computing and also
> masters in public administration from Kennesaw State University. I also
> completed training as a QA tester with emphasis on HP Quality Center from
> Radium Soft, Inc.

Hi Julie,

Welcome to the Apache OpenOffice project.  Thanks for introducing yourself.

> I would like to take on the task mentioned below
> Write up a tutorial (or link to a good existing one) that explains how new
> project volunteers should create and submit patches and how committers
> should review and apply them.  Add a link to this tutorial from the Developer
> FAQs <> page.
> Skills needed: SVN, technical writing.  Skills gained: Apache CMS.
> Please let me know.

Thanks also for noticing that "help wanted" page.  IMHO, we need to
make a greater effort to keep that page up to date.  Luckily the task
you mentioned is still open, but there are many other things we need
help with now, things that are not reflected on that page.  So please
don't feel limited to what is on that page.  In particular, we're just
about to get started on the OpenOffice 3.4 QA effort, which will make
loads of of fun for everyone ;-)

But back to the SVN and patches task, since that is what you mentioned
and it is a help wanted item I originally proposed.

First thing, you should sign up for the mailing list, by sending an
email to  That gets you on the
mailing list.

Second, I'd recommend hanging out here for a few days, see what we're
up to, how we do things.

Also, you probably should read through our project's website:

You might then take a look at past patches submitted to this mailing
list, to see what clueful project members have done before:

Also, see what other Apache projects have documented for their own
procedures, for example:

Feel free to draft something up, of comparable length, in a post to
this list.  Then iterate based on feedback.  I, or another volunteer,
can then help you convert that to mdtext and get it onto the website.

Of course, if you prefer to outline and review first, that is fine
also.  Whatever works best for you.


-Rob (no one in particular)

> Sincerely
> Julie John

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