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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Team OpenOffice White Label Office (powered by Apache Open Office)
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 01:24:12 GMT
2012/1/3 Götz Wohlberg <>:
> Hi Don,
> Hope you had a relaxing xmas break!
> Am 23.12.11 02:44, schrieb Donald Harbison:
>> This seems like a much more constructive thread.
>> FWIW, I know the guys at Team OO, well, at least since I first met them in
>> 2005 at Conference in Koper, Slovenia. There is passion and
>> continuity here that I think Pavel speaks very eloquently about. And it's
>> worth respecting and supporting, in my view.
> Thanks! I can only echo this.
>> This is especially true, if
>> they are sincere in stating they will move to exert their efforts as
>> volunteers in the future of Apache OpenOffice, once they are finished with
>> this maintenance release (3.3.1)...
> We would love to start joining the work on future version but we need to fix
> our other problem first, which is funding.
>> Sure, there have been blunders, but we here in AOO have not been so great
>> with clear communications, so let's face the future, so to speak,
>> together.
>> To that end, why not offer the TeamOO guys a share of the brand, something
>> like 'White Label Office 3.3.1, Powered by, now at Apache
>> Software Foundation'?
>> Or, 'White Label Office 3.3.1, Powered by Apache OpenOffice, the new home
>> of'
> Great! That's certainly something we are interested in. I would like to see
> some more details about such a "Powered by"-program.

You can read more about it here:

We don't currently have something like this for AOO, but the PPMC
could propose such a program.

Note that this does not become your product's name.  It is a logo,
like "Intel Inside", that can be used by 3rd party products that
include or are based on an Apache product.  So it allows you to grow
your own brand while accurately expressing your use of the Apache

We'd need to think how this could work with products based on legacy
OOo releases, pre Apache. But I think something similar could be

If we wanted, we could also include a link on the main download page,
pointing too White Label Office, but we'd need to be fair and offer
the same kind of link to anyone else who was based on OOo, and who was
respecting the trademarks, e.g., LibreOffice, Symphony, etc.


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