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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Sourceforge and extensions download site
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2012 09:27:41 GMT
As some of you will know the board meeting got pushed back 6 days. It
was, however, held last night and I was able to attend. Consequently I
am pleased to confirm that we now have a go-ahead with respect to the
Sourceforge offer to host the extensions site. However, there is one
important restriction on what we can do, so I'll cover that first.

There cannot be any advertising on a domain name owned by the ASF,
this includes

The board felt the most appropriate action would be to have users
directed to *.openoffice,org or * where they will be
greeted by a page listing appropriate extensions sites with a
disclaimer. At a later date this would become the meta-data server. I
figured this would not be a problem as it is one of the options we

We did discuss whether this would break behaviour for older OOo
releases. If this is the case then it would be acceptable to provide a
redirect for appropriate URLs. This may need to be removed for at
graduation time, we didn't go into details about this as I felt it
would be acceptable to deprecate the old behaviour whilst in
incubation. Let me know if this is an incorrect assumption.

I had some specific questions for the board, I copy them below but
please not these are my notes and not from the minutes. They have not
been approved yet, I'll let you know if I misunderstood anything.

Can the PPMC accept SF's offer?

MOU necessary? What should it cover?
PPMC to decide if necessary (with mentor guidance).
Since the long term plan is to move to a
PPMC owned meta-server it might make most sense to just let SF own
this extensions site and not be distracted by what they are doing (we
have trademarks policy to ensure they don't misbehave).

Assuming trademarks are respected are we OK?
Yes (as long as no advertising on apache owned domain)

Will this address IP issues since non-ASF code will be offsite
Probably (I believe this to be a yes, but allowing for edge cases)

Advertising on the extensions download site?
OK as long as not an apache domain (incl.

Redirection preferred?
Yes (see no advertising requirement). Would be better to go via an
informational page on an or

So there you go. It's now over to the PPMC to get it moving. I'll
forward this mail to the infra team so that they can be ready to hand
over the keys to the current extensions site at an appropriate time.
Who is going to drive this?


Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
Programme Leader (Open Development)

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