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From "L'oiseau de mer" <>
Subject Re: 3.4 Plan: For which platforms will we officially release binary packages?
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2012 09:08:34 GMT
If it hasn't currently a volunteer in Solaris Intel, maybe Andrew Rist
and Mouette Yang (me) can do.
But Solaris Sparc.....  Mmm....  if anyone can provide Sparc Machine,
we can help this platform.

2012/1/5 Jürgen Schmidt <>:
> On 1/4/12 7:09 PM, Rob Weir wrote:
>> Last week I posted a note pointing to a draft 3.4 release plan on the
>> wiki:
>> A few of you have step up to volunteer for some tasks.  This is great.
>>  This is just a draft, so feel free to modify, add additional
>> high-level tasks, etc.
>> Some of the items on the wiki are not tasks for individual volunteers,
>> but things we need to agree on before we can release.  For some of
>> these items, we should try to come to a consensus now, so we can
>> ensure that the plan accounts for everything we want to do.
>> So one item from the wiki:  What platforms do we want to release 3.4
>> binary packages for?
>> With 3.3.0 we had:
>> Windows Intel MSI
>> Linux Intel RPM
>> Linux Intel DEB
>> Linux x86-64 RPM
>> Linux x86-64 DEB
>> Mac OS Intel DMG
>> Solaris Intel PKG
>> Solaris Sparc PKG
>> Do we want to do the same with 3.4?  Add ports?  Remove ports?  We
>> obviously have active porting work around BSD and OS/2.  Is the intent
>> to have them be Apache releases?  Or to be released separately?
> ok it looks that we can provide
> Windows
> Linux 32/64 bit + RPM/DEB
> MacOS Intel DMG
> Solaris Intel is probably also possible, correct?
> Solaris Sparc? Do we have a machine and a volunteer who would do the build?
> Free BSD, OS/2 later
> From my pov i would say Windows, Linux, Mac are mandatory, Solaris would be
> good but no release stopper for me. If Solaris would come a little bit later
> would be also fine.
> Juergen
>> Personally, I'd temper "what we want" with "what can we accomplish
>> well".  In other words, what platforms do we think we can cover, from
>> a dev and test perspective, so we can have a solid 3.4 release, one
>> were we can confidently ask the IPMC to approve a release, and be
>> proud to read the reviews?   There might be one answer for AOO 3.4 and
>> an expanded answer for AOO 4.0,
>> -Rob

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